About Us

Dewey and Lorrie Turner - Co-owners
Dewey and Lorrie Turner – Co-owners

Dewey and Lorrie have experience involving them in all aspects of the foliage business.

Lorrie’s 30 years in the industry include both growing and sales positions in major wholesale nurseries, buying for a leading interiorscape company, and managing a family-owned Hibiscus nursery in South Florida. Then in 2000, she joined the former WRC as the foliage buyer. In her current position as co-owner, sales manager, and foliage buyer for WRGC, Lorrie still makes her rounds to the nurseries in Florida to get a first-hand look at the quality and sizes available, as they vary from nursery to nursery and from trip to trip.

Dewey’s wealth of experience in the industry was developed hands-on through the building of the family-owned nursery from the ground up. In 1997 he joined the former Willow Run team as the grower. Now Dewey serves as the co-owner and General Manager of Operations for WRGC.


Our Staff

Jessie Bellinger
Jessie Bellinger, Sales
Jessie is always ready to give you special personalized service. We’re never surprised to see her out tagging plants in the Greenhouse.
Fred Smith
Fred Smith, Sales
Fred is ready to assist you with all your sales needs.
Angie Hamilton
Angie Hamilton, Accounting
Always ready to help with your account needs.
Amber Turner
Amber Turner, Operations Co-ordinator
Mirna Jimenez
Mirna Jimenez, Operations
Mirna is responsible for all your dishgarden, and succulent garden orders.
Laura Jimenez
Laura Jimenez, Operations
Laura is responsible for all orders in 4″ through 7″ material
Enoc, Operations
Enoc is always busy cleaning and pulling large plants.
Joe, Driver
Mark, Driver